Hockey for kids with diabetes


D-skate hockey is a weeklong elite program in Milton for kids living with type 1 diabetes. Some very special guests were on hand today including NHL player Cory Conacher, retired NHL player Nick Boynton and Olympic rower Chris Jarvis.

The camp has a lot of energy, it’s the second year and this time out attendance has tripled with 61 rambunctious and ambitious kids.

Hey – it’s not hockey without a little bit of rough housing, just like the pros.

During the camp parents and young athletes learn from medical experts, coaches and sport stars how to manage their diabetes.

Alyssa Coulter, living with diabetes: “There’s not just one way to manage diabetes — not just two ways. I’ve heard of 50 different ways since the last two years I’ve been here.”

Parents sometimes think diabetes means their child can’t participate in sports or ever be very successful.

Shannon Ostaszewicz, son has diabetes: “They really brought back up his confidence. He realized yeah, it doesn’t matter if I have diabetes. I still got it and I’m ok with it.”

Parents are educated right along with their children.

Olympian Chris Jarvis lives with type 1 diabetes: “I think the parents are getting a great opportunity to learn what’s normal, figure out what other people are doing and how I can take that stress off myself.

Type 1 diabetes means the pancreas stops making insulin and blood sugar levels need to be checked multiple times a day.

Alyssa Coulter: “The hardest part I think is having to take a break. If my blood sugar is not in range, then I have to stop my activity.

Elite athletes who have reached the pinnacle of sport while living with the disease are here to lend their support.

Nick Boynton is a type 1 diabetic: “I think what I can bring to them is that I was able to stay healthy, do what I love, do what I wanted to do.”

Despite all the kids here having diabetes, they are treated as athletes first, and taught there are no limits.

Nick Carriere, Dskate head coach: “No limitations what so ever, it’s just managing it.”

For more information, check the Dskate website.


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LEE says:

this is great that do this for children

jim says:

Good program but they should extend to other illnesses

Bohdan D says:

My daughter has been diabetic since 3 1/2 years old. This is great that these people are not letting their diabetes slow them down.

mandusa says:

What a great program, looks like the kids really enjoy it.

Patty says:

What a great program for kids with diabetics

Patty says:

What a great program for kids with diabetics a great way to support the kids

xjaysfan says:

wow, great for the kids..

Elizabeth says:

What a great support group for these kids.

Dream24 says:

This is definitely a wonderful opportunity for kids.

Glennis says:

This is a great idea to help children with diabetic

Pansy says:

What a good way to educate both the kids AND their parents about diabetes.

Glennis says:

This program can give a lot of hope to young people with diabetes

Lew says:

This is a great thing. As a diabetic I know exercise is the best tool to manage this illness. Good for those kids.

MarieJB51 says:

What a great idea. Living with diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy activities and these kids have proven that you can.

barbis9 says:

What a great idea and having hockey players is a bonus!

Lisa says:

Just because they are living with diabetes it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy playing sports. Good for them.

stan says:

What a great program, and maybe some future NHL’ers as well.