High school students fight back against anti-abortion protestors

It’s not necessarily the message that some students are upset over, it’s the way it was delivered.

A YouTube video taken by a Sherwood Secondary School student, shows members from anti-abortion group “Canadian Centre for Bio-ethical Reform” holding graphic signs showing aborted fetuses in front of the high school.

When some students saw the demonstration, they formed a barricade to block the signs, because there is an elementary school next door. They were concerned the young students would be exposed to the violent images.

Bio-Ethical reform tells us they are targeting high schools because they believe if you’re old enough to have an abortion, you’re old enough to view these images.

“If you look at the video footage online what it clearly shows is that there are no visible young children in the area. They’re far in the distance field playing. And who is right around the abortion imagery is the audience we’re taking our message to which is teenagers. So this isn’t a matter of taking our message to young kids. It’s a matter of taking it to teens faced with considering abortion.”

But some students weren’t happy with the group.

“I was quite offended. There is a little elementary school right beside our school and I thought it was quite ignorant to hold signs of aborted fetuses out and it angered me. I gave them a piece of my mind, told them it’s a public school and told them they shouldn’t be pressing their views upon students like that,” says grade 12 student Zack Howard.

Hamilton police say they are aware of the protests, which have been peaceful so far, and have not had to step in.


  1. The comments that were made about the message on abortion targeting high school students and not targeting young children is a joke, when the images that are meant to shock us are hanging on the Linc at 9 am and rush hour when very few high school students would be exposed. Instead I am on the road with my young children in the car being exposed to graphic and innappropiate images.

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