Hate crime investigation

It is shocking case of racist vandalism in Hamilton’s east end. Someone targeted a man’s car, damaging it inside and out. There isn’t much room for doubt or debate – given what the vandal spray-painted across the side of the car. Police are approaching this as a hate-crime.

Sulaim Muhaden just dropped by to see his parents last night, but this morning, he couldn’t go home. Someone, demolished his car. Broken windows, flat tires, and an obscene, hate filled message – scrawled across the exterior.

He didn’t want to talk on camera, but said that he’d come to Canada from Iraq, about five years ago. Police say he parked the car just after midnight, and a building superintendent found it in this condition, around nine o’clock this morning.
They could not confirm however, that someone had been following and harassing Muhaden recently. The building is owned by city housing, and there are security cameras positioned near the parking lot. The city has handed the security video to police.