Harper makes campaign-style stop in Hamilton

Prime Minister speaks at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

We may be a little more than a year from the next federal election — but it certainly looked like a campaign-style swing through Southern Ontario for the prime minister who was touting his government’s accomplishments this evening at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.

The museum was Conservative central tonight and Stephen Harper was telling the crowd made up of local Conservatives and museum members about what his party has achieved since taking power. He highlighted tax cuts, job growth, investments in infrastructure, toughening up the justice system and more. He said when it comes to his opponents in Ottawa, they would run the country differently: “The alternatives offered by the Liberals and NDP. We know what they are friends. Spend more. Whatever you do spend more. If times are bad, spend more. If times are good, spend more. If times are in transition, spend more. Spend more, spend more, spend more. Let the deficit rise. Let it keep getting bigger and then raise taxes to pay for it all. Friends, you can look around the world at any number of basket cases to see how that economic policy works out.”

Earlier today, Harper held a meeting with local politicians and businesses at Forty Creek Distillery in Grimsby. And he also visited HMCS Haida where he announced the name of the first Royal Canadian Navy Arctic/offshore patrol ship. Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship ‘Harry Dewolf’ is named in honour of the wartime Canadian naval hero who once commanded the Haida.


  1. What a joke they tell us seniors to watch how we spend and to tighten our belts and what do they do spend it like there’s no tomorrow. They give it away and we have to fight for everything. I worked for 44 years here and what they give me I can’t even get a Tim Hortons coffee. I feel sorry for the young people growing up because when it’s their turn to retire there will be no money for them.

  2. Well, friends, leave it to Harper to make full time jobs into part time jobs. They have also spent more money than any other government. His take on life in Canada is most interesting. I guess you have to be part of Harperland to appreciate it.

  3. He was doing his best to avoid Manitoba and the Human Rights museum officially opening, where he might be embarrassed to be seen in a place that would make him look bad and picayune so needed to be elsewhere, like a distillery and a museum where he might not be seen in a bad light

  4. Fantastic, hope all these bleeding hearts will finally realize how well off they really are. Of course if they would vote liberal in the first place well….
    Thanks for doing such an amazing job with our country Mr PM!!

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