Hamilton’s third murder of the year


Hamilton police are at the scene of what could be the city’s third murder of the year.  There are reports the victim was found beaten inside his east end apartment where he was pronounced dead at the scene.  The murder may have occurred several days ago.


  1. This is getting out of control. Hamilton police need to start doing their job getting these low life drug addicts off the street!! Hamilton is by far the worst city in Ontario and the worst police as well. Get it together Wentworth and start taking action on what’s going on in your city… We are 10 days into the new year and 3 murders already this is ridiculous!.

    • Hamilton is not the worst city in Ontario by far… Toronto is, have you been watching the news? Why are they drug addicts? Because they killed someone? No one said anything about them being drug addicts. Police do what they can, when they can. Remember the Government has been making cuts in their sectors also.

  2. amanda, you are so wrong, first of all hamiltion is not the worst city, theere are many programs and treatment centres in the downtown core, the police can only do so much, there jobs are for the low lifes, as you say, why not take this energy of yours and write to the mp, for more funding for the police and the treatment centers m soup kitchen, i worked on the streets for 3 years , plus 5 before that with an addict, there needs to be more funding so the job is done correctly

  3. I cant believe how Hamilton has completely gone down hill …. I grew up in the SW part of Hamilton and have great memories Im so glad I moved to Oakville Ontario as it feels safe and Im not worried about my children here ….Hamilton is drug infested and full of weirdos .
    I feel sorry for the Hamilton Police .

    • Drug infested and full of weirdos… Pretty sure you just said you grew up in Hamilton. Weirdo!!! Now you’re infesting Oakville. P.S nowhere is 100% safe! Give your head a shake.

  4. Firstly it has nothing to do with the police “doing their jobs” and it’s nothing but ignorance if you want to label drug addicts as the problem. Clearly explaining any further would be a waste as people with opinions like yours are normally stuck in their ways.

    Secondly, do you think Hamilton police have a bat signal or a 6th sense where they can predict the crime? Hello, we can’t see into the future, so yes, sadly the police are usually involved after the crime has happened. People are killed over the dumbest reasons like music playing at a party or someone owing another person $40 (fyi we had 2 murders in Hamilton over meaningless reasons, Brandon Musgrave and Paul DaSilva)

    Thirdly, Hamilton is the worst city in Ontario?! You know what, piss off, move to Detroit and them tell me how horrible, dilapidated and out of control this city is. Hell, go to any city, sadly we would experience it ANYWHERE.

    Finally we shouldn’t be taking the new year into consideration or as a timeline, what does it have to do with a person having their life taken away anyways? All it does is further allow narrow minded, misinformed people to keep a tally and continue to promote the stereotypes that you think are resposible for these crimes.

  5. I was born and raised here in Hamilton. Our city has been gradually declining over the last 20 years. In actuality, it is just downtown that has declined, while the mountain has prospered.
    I started writing the sequence of events that I felt were influencing factors, but there are too many and honestly, I started getting pissed off just thinking about it….so I scrapped the idea.
    I remember being a young boy, and my father being good friends with our local Alderman. He used to bust his balls about issues that he felt were going to be the deterioration of the city, eg. inaccessibility to downtown for the general public, the improper maintenance of our streets and the infrastructure, etc.
    The city pretty much didn’t care…..downtown deteriorated, and here’s where we are today.
    After losing Dofasco and Stelco, we now need to find alternative ways to generate revenue in our city. One will be real estate, as commuters will be settling in our city because of the lower cost of living, another will be Healthcare. Unfortunately, mental health will make a substantial part of this.
    Our city has gotten much bigger over the last 20 years as well. When a city gets bigger, so does the diversity in socioeconomical classes.
    Combined with our very easily accessible social services, frankly, we are getting a lot more trash coming into our general population. If you don’t believe me, take a walk around Jackson Square, then walk around Limeridge Mall.
    If you think it’s bad now, just wait another 20 years. On the bright side, I can only see progression for the mountain area so just stay up there if you can.
    That’s all I feel like writing. Sorry.

  6. Why do people always lash out and accuse police of slacking? Honestly, give your head a shake. Hamilton has reduced its crime rate dramatically. Take the story for what it is recent news, tragic at that. Violence yes. Problem yes. Police bashing and unrealistic expectations ridiculous. Awareness is important for safety.

    I love my city. I am proud of it. i work to support my Community and It’s people. including those “weirdos” (who are often imported by the way from communities as far north as Owen Sound), who don’t have Mental Health and Addictions centres. Oakville is not immune to addictions, violence or “weirdos, and apparently they are no strangers to panic stricken, narrow minded, self righteous persons either.

  7. Hamilton is an excellent city

    Citizens have to do their part to, too make this city better.

    Anyone who needs help can get it. Hamilton has more services for those in need than most cities. But some people don’t want help.

    Stop complaining and speak out in a positive productive way. Help these people, because one day someone you know may need the help.

  8. Hamilton is much like any other city. There are wealthy and prosperous areas, and there are poor and deteriorating areas. Having lived in another city (Calgary) which is one of the most sought after cities in the country, I can tell you they have their fair share of weirdo’s and criminals. I lived in a very wealthy community, and in a matter of two years several grow houses, a man who slashed his baby up, and a dayhome provided that murdered an infant….now that is WEIRD and SICK! These types of people are everywhere. Oh, and our Police Officers do their best to protect us everyday, you should be grateful for them. Look at the world around you, we are so lucky!

  9. i love how ppl try to defend the hamilton police, my friend was getting beat by her man and it took them 45 mins to get there and she lives downtown! hamilton needs to step up and yes amanda it is the druggies that are causing alot of problems, i cant sleep most night cuz i hear them yelling down the streets, its like dawn of the dead. hamilton mountain is the way to go for sure! this is my oppinion,

  10. Amanda you have clearly never traveled. Vancouver is statistically the worst city in Canada for drugs and crime ..clearly yu have never been there you would not think of Hamilton as bad at all. ”Low life’s”s you say cannot be helped . They wish to live like that. There are so many programs in Hamilton and through our government that could help people get on the right track. These people want t like like that. The police cannot for e any one to get a job and spend their money wisely. Maybe more people should be volunteering their time help the less fortunate and then they would understand the system better.
    It starts with children ,nurture and discipline them properly. Teach them to be nice to others and how to properly deal with their anger. Then when they are adults the rest of society does not have to pick up your neglected pieces!
    As a society we are falling apart we are allowing other people to raise our children so we can rush back to work, we are sticking our babies in front of screens to entertain them. What happened to using ourselves to teach and entertain our children ?

  11. Every place has its ups and downs. Innocent people get involved with the wrong crowds. Its sad that people can take others lives. Its what you make of the city. Stay off the streets at night, and be careful in who you associate with. This city has way to much low income housing, that some people take advantage of. As arrogant it may sound, I believe the government needs to stop handing out assistance to everyone that applies. I heard it myself from someone ” I’m to lazy to get a job because I receive free money”. It sickens me! Assistance should be available for a certain period of time, unless you are completely disabled. If you are disable, a worker should come to your house periodically and make the judgement, if you are going to receive more assistance. The majority of homicides and criminal activity usually happen with the lower class.

  12. If you people don’t think drug use and the number of addicts is on the incline in this city then you’re delusional! I happen to live inner city Hamilton and I will NEVER leave my house after dark to walk any where!
    The ammount of violent crimes is definitely increasing and the police DON’T do a good job! They harrass innocent people, use unnecessary violence and yet their hands are tied when there is a true crime!
    I’ve experienced this type of policing twice in the lst six months and I’m sick and tired of it!
    Hamilton is full of crackheads and lowlives and no one is doing a damn thing about it! WTF are my tax dollars being spent?

  13. Before everyone blames the police, look at articles like this:http://m.thespec.com/opinion-story/4301925-opinion-for-ian-s-sake-change/ The police do a lot of work and I’d like to see you try and prevent murder from happening. The cause of this is multi-factorial but the police nor the wide range of programs and resources in Hamilton should be insulted. Also, to insult a city on a post about the death of a human being in it is pretty pathetic. Maybe you should look at your own life.

  14. I don’t think these instances indicative of Hamilton being a bad city. These instances are coincidence in that they are so close together.

    Hamilton is a great city.

  15. Amanda you are completely wrong, the problem is noir the police or our city, it is the people we allow to find residency in our city. If we didn’t make life so easy for welfare bums, drug dealers and simply just bad people who are a waist of space then our city would be that much nicer, stop blaming the police for how stupid our own residents are and stop turning your head to what you see going on! I strongly believe the police are spending more time trying to write speeding tickets then fighting real crime but without them where would you be

  16. My brother finished police school and teachers who are police veterans said ” problem is people that get released from jails in toronto and police over there gives them one way ticket to hamilton”. I do think drugs is problem as well and hard core drug addict should be sent to rehab when arrested with drugs no questions asked no right to complain. Any murder as well should be life in prison unless accidental like car accident if driver guilty is not under influence. We do not need more cops we live in police state anyway. Problem with hamiltonians and canadians in general no one complains to any form of government and no one protests.

  17. And problem is as well that you can not say anything against police because they are untouchable like in any police state. Look what is happening here if you complain about them you have five of them polluting comments board right away like in any other police state.

  18. As far as Hamilton being the worst place sorry it is not the worse place to live.Crime is world wide same as murders.It has nothing too do with our police.It’s called drugs and there is so much help out there for these people.And Darla there has been murders in Oakville along with lots of crime.So no matter where you live today there is no safe haven.There are just too many screwed up people in our world today due to drugs and alcohol.No jobs no education.

  19. “Hamilton had a 19-per-cent decrease in violent crime last year (2012)” – Stats Canada.

    It happens everywhere. And to say that this city has been declining is ridiculous. Have you taken into consideration the great things happening in our music and arts cultures downtown? Or the fact that the North End is prospering due to new developments and GO Transit?

    I LOVE Hamilton and this city is my home and always will be. I take pride in living downtown. I take pride that we have facilities for the mentally ill. No matter what bad people CHOOSE to see, there is a lot of good. A LOT.

  20. Alright people lets be honest, Hamilton is awesome. It has a lot going for it and narrow minded people need to stop undermining it because of its crime problem. There is crime in EVERY city and when you have a city as big as ours with a wide variety of social classes there will be a significant amount of crime. Also blaming the police force is the last thing we need to do because they are the ones showing up and trying to alleviate the problems, dont blame them, blame the funding. I love Hamilton for its people, its art and its music, there are not a lot of places where you can find community and soul like it is here. So people who are putting it down clearly dont deserve to live here and should find their sense of community or else stop bringing everyone else down.

  21. Please explain what this city has going for it.. Big business moving in…NOPE!!….Excellent school board…NOPE!!….A mayor that knows what he’s doing…NOPE….I’ve lived in this city the majority of my life, and there has been a noticeable decline in the city for years…Hamilton was a very classy city at one time, a far cry from what it is now…

  22. im 48 yrs old …been a east ender my whole life …ill back the police up….I worked down on barton n wentworth at a plant, like all others has closed its doors n moved to the usa….the police were more interested in a car with a burnt out light then a crack head walkin down the street waving their arms n twitchin …rather pull me over n ask if ive been drinkin tonite then ask the prostitute at the corner wats she waitin for ..why??? because of the laws ,,,the judges….not them….and also ..A BIG PROBLEM ..is investors on duplexs….LANDLORDS we call them ….they r the ones who rent out ..n know who they rentin too….n basically r the ones that decide wat that neighborhood will be like …leave the cops out of this..n complian about the lawmakers …maybe druggies n trouble makers ..nn crappy landlords n owners would maybe someone will finally listen n kik their asses out of here

  23. I would like to ask Homegrown Homie when we lost Dofasco????They are thriving and non-union, unlike Stelco. If you think this is the only city with drug problems in the downtown core, you are sadly mistaken and I guess you have never lived in any of the other provinces or large cities. I guess “Homie” thinks there are no drugs on the mountain.
    You should get out more and broaden your limited horizon, maybe then you would see some of the good things this city has to offer. If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. Just saying!!

  24. Wow. Hamilton is out of control! stop killing each other, and cops should be on every corner in Hamilton at all times. the city is so scuzzy..yet it has so much potential.

  25. I see a lot of people here being ignorant. First of all, it doesn’t matter how much money you have or where you live. Murders can happen anywhere, at any time. You want to blame drug addicts? Why don’t people look at medical practitioners who openly prescribe narcotics and pharmaceutical companies who make them so readily available on our streets. This is where the problems begin. Doctor’s giving our children ADHD medication saying it will help. Giving our children antidepressants because the ADHD medication messes with their heads. Our government is the number one blame as far as I’m concerned for continuing to allow this. 40 years ago there was no ADHD nor children prescribed so much medication that they become addicts. Stop blaming police and start blaming our government and doctors.

  26. I think it is horribly ignorant to blame police for the crimes of others. It would be like blaming doctors when someone gets sick. It is the ignorance of others that perpetuates the negative stereotype of a truly amazing group of selfless individuals. I have the most respect for Hamilton Police (and all police for that matter). They are running into situations you run away from. Please have some respect for the tireless and tremendously under appreciated work officers do day in and day out.

  27. It doesnt matter what part of the city you live in. I grew up east end hamilton, a few years ago i moved onto the mountain. Within 3 months there was a girl raped on the sidestreet to my house, there was a man who kept his wife and kids hostage 3 doors down from me and there was a man molesting girls in the park behind my house! And this was all in 3 months! So close to my house where i never witnessed events so close together living down the mountain. So for these people that think the mountain is better, you wrong its just the same as down the mountain!

  28. You cannot blame crime, addictions and mental health problems on the policing. Nor can you blame the individuals themselves – lest we go back to the Protestant Work Ethic.

    Growing up in Hamilton it is easy to know that Hamilton’s problems stem from a severe neighborhood-based Socio-Economic ‘Rift’. Areas such as Ancaster, Dundas, Westdale and Stoney Creek are treated first class versus areas such as the North and East End. Everything from Civil Infrastructure (Roads, Sidewalks, etc) to business development and management are tilted to benefit the producers in Hamilton; oft those who live in the first class Hamilton.

    Hamilton is an epicenter of Mental Health, Addictions and Correctional Services because the abuse of power and mishandling of programs has left many citizens unattended to. The only method to fixing Hamilton and its’ many issues is a drastic Political Change and influx of Municipal, Provincial and Federal funding to correct what Hamilton has been doing wrong for so long. Programs must be robust and not vindictive, the city government must maintain all areas equally and finally that same government must prevent the abuse of the lower class by business and upper class interest.

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