Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger sits down with Premier Doug Ford


Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger has had his long-awaited meeting with Premier Doug Ford.

The city had asked for this meeting following the June election.

Eisenberger sat down with the Ford Wednesday in Toronto.

“Essentially we were bringing to the premier issues of concern for Hamilton,” Eisenberger told Morning Live Thursday.


Eisenberger and Ford discussed the city’s planned $1 billion LRT project.

“[Ford] made a commitment to fully follow the city’s lead on this issue,” said Eisenberger.

He said the premier told him he’s committed to GO Transit and bringing all-day service to the region.

Concerns about the future of the project were raised after Metrolinx confirmed it had temporarily stopped purchasing land needed for the line.

This is because of a provincial freeze on discretionary spending ordered by the Ford government.

“I don’t think it’s LRT-focused quite frankly,” said Eisenberger. 

“I think it has to do more about some property acquisition that’s happening for properties being acquired for future expansion in Niagara.” 

On Basic Income 

The cancellation of Ontario’s basic income pilot project was also discussed.

Over 1,000 Hamiltonians had been receiving basic income from the province.

Several recipients addressed city council at a meeting earlier this month, explaining how the money changed their lives.

Council unanimously voted to denounce the government’s decision to cancel the project at that meeting.

The Ford government axed the program less than halfway through the three-year pilot project, saying it discouraged people from finding work.