Hamilton man charged in multi-million dollar drug bust

A Stoney Creek man is one of several people facing charges in connection with a $17 million drug bust.

Toronto Police announced at a news conference this morning that they have arrested and charged 8 people in a series of drug busts after 29 search warrants were executed on April 25th. The majority are from Toronto, but police say they have arrested one man from Stoney Creek as part of the bust.

Hung Phi Nguyen, 34, was charged with:
Possession of ketamine, a painkiller that is used on the street to get high, possession of proceeds of a crime over $5000 and failing to comply with bail conditions.

As for crystal meth, just last month, Hamilton Public Health sounded the alarm on the rise of the drug in the city with the Medical Officer of Health saying that since 2012 meth has been on the rise. Going on to say that there are three times as many overdoses from the drug, and 10 times as many emergency hospital visits now.

Police say Project Dos began as a cocaine investigation, which quickly uncovered a much larger drug ring. They say the investigation is far from over.