Hamilton launches sidewalk snow clearing survey

The City of Hamilton wants public input as it looks to expand its sidewalk snow clearing service.

Currently, the city clears snow from close to 400 km of city sidewalks in the winter.

It’s looking at potentially expanding that service and is discussing three options: maintaining existing service, adding priority roadways or clearing all sidewalks.

Under the second and third options, the city would send out plows after 5 cm of snow accumulation.

The plows would leave a layer of snow pack on the sidewalks.

Residents are being asked to share their feedback online about potential changes.

According to the city, the financial impacts are still being determined.

Results from the survey will be presented to city council.

The city says next steps will be determined in the fall.


  1. I think they should do it. Everyone could get around better, and then I wouldn’t have to do twice. Once after storm, and again after plow , plows It onto my sidewalk.

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