Hamilton is a favourite among filmmakers

Dozens of film productions each year choose Hamilton as the backdrop. The latest production to come to the Hammer is “Filth City”. Digital Canaries is the production company behind the film. The story is about a corrupt mayor who is swept up in a controversy than includes him smoking crack… Sound familiar?

Writers Andy King and Danny Polishchuck say it’s a loose satire of the Rob Ford saga. The writers also act in the feature and Andy King is directing. He says they originally set out to do a film noir type crime comedy about Toronto when the Ford story started to unravel.

While they could have shot in Toronto, King says they wanted a Gotham City feel. Outside the studios, the crew is filming on location in areas like the Gage Park Bandshell.

The movie, “Filth City” will be aired on TV this spring, they are also hoping to eventually turn it into a series.