Hamilton hospital pilot project treats COVID-19 patients at risk of severe illness

Infectious disease expert Dr. Zain Chagla joined us this morning with more on a clinic he’s overseeing for patients with COVID-19.

The outpatient clinic running at St. Joe’s is for people who aren’t vaccinated or people with a weakened immune system who are not protected by the vaccine will essentially get synthetic antibodies as there are dealing with COVID-19.

“The evidence and the big clinical trials actually show 40%-70% reduction in hospitalization and that subsequently mean s less ICU stays and less death which is really, really impressive.” said Dr. Chagla.

You have to be referred to the clinic, or taken from assessment centres. Patients that reach the criteria will be contacted and given an infusion. Then go home and follow Public Health guidelines.

These drugs are Health Canada approved and bought by the Federal government and recommended by W.H.O.

During our chat with Dr. Zain Chagla he also told us about anti-viral pills made by Merck. Similar to the antibody, this drug is given to high risk people to limit hospitalizations. The drug has to be given within five days of coming down with symptoms.

“Getting early treatment is going to change people’s prognosis with this disease.” said Dr. Chagla.

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