Hamilton Dream Center

A local food bank is asking for help in the form of food donations, as the rising cost of living makes it harder for people to make ends meet. The Hamilton Dream Centre doesn’t just help the unemployed or disabled it helps the city’s “working poor,” as well.

“Sometimes when you’re on Ontario Works or disability there are other credits and resources, so we try to focus on the working poor to ensure that we’re helping them meet their needs.”

The Dream Center hands out Christmas toys over the holidays, prom dresses for teens in need, and clothing for families. The center is at 627 Main street East and they are grateful for how much the community already donates, but they always need more.


  1. i’m on a very fixed disability income due to cancer treatment and could afford to use this service myself, but i’m going to go through my cupboards for non-perishables to give to the dream centre.

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