Hamilton company’s energy innovation

The ECO-H Hybrid Power Management System; Hamilton, February 25, 2014

(Updated) A Hamilton company has just launched a cutting-edge technology that promises to significantly cut emissions and fuel usage in the oil and gas industry.

ECO-H Technologies and its parent company AVL Industries claim the new system can reduce fossil fuel output by up to 60 per cent. And the innovation comes with a bonus: at least 50 jobs for the city.

By summer, ECO-H Technologies expects to be shipping its power-saving innovation all over the world. The ECO-H Hybrid Power Management System is basically an incredibly high-tech battery.

It can run an oil rig on just one generator instead of three. When the rig is using less power than average, the ECO-H absorbs the surplus energy and saves it in batteries. When equipment needs a boost, the batteries send an extra jolt to the generator.

It has already caught the attention of Ensign Energy, a company that operates 450 rigs around the world. Jon Trask says what the technology will allow it to do: “reduce the size of the engines that we use, run much more fuel efficiently and reduce the fuel that we’re consuming.”

A patent is pending on the invention. It’s expected to reduce oil rig emissions by 40 per cent and create dozens of new jobs in Hamilton.

ECO-H Technologies CEO Vince DiCristofaro expects to begin production in the next few months.

“We expect with this technology here to employ an additional 50 to 60 high-skilled people. Millwrights, electricians and increase our engineering staff.”

Job creation through innovation is a growing trend in the city. Mike Marini of Hamilton’s Economic Development office explains the newcomers. “They’re very nimble and they’re very niche and they’re creating products that fit a niche in the marketplace.”

The ECO-H is just one of many homegrown products going global. Liburdi Engineering in Stoney Creek produces specialized parts for jet planes around the world; Ancaster-based Steeped Tea has more than 3,000 consultants selling its blends across North America.

“We’re at a really good growth stage and we have the right tools in place to keep that growth going because it’s a collaborative approach.”

With the addition of the ECO-H to the made-in-Hamilton arsenal, Steeltown is proving we’ve got both brains and brawn.

While the ECO-H is geared towards the oil and gas sector, it can also be used by the mining industry and the military.

In addition to those 50 jobs announced today, CHCH News has been told another employer will be adding a significant number of jobs to the north end next week.