Hamilton company works to help bats

A bat

With the bat species in serious decline, one company has taken the initiative to help them, by installing bat boxes.

Bad Company Wildlife owner Mike Floren says more than 6 million bats have died in the last 8 years, making them headed for the endangered species list. He hopes that by giving bats a place to stay, it will increase the population.

“Basically it just gives them a place to den and possibly even hibernate over the winter. So we’re just adding one more safe place and help spread the colonies and help colonies get bigger, and just give them a safe place to stay during the day.”

Floren charges for residential services, but any services for schools and libraries are free of charge.


  1. Its so important to care for the bats. We used ti tely they have been absenthave them around us in the country but lately they have been absent.

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