Hamilton city councillor Esther Pauls is recovering after being attacked by two dogs

Hamilton city councillor Esther Pauls is recovering after a vicious dog attack over the weekend. The avid biker was out for a ride Saturday afternoon when she says two massive dogs sunk their teeth into her legs. Adam Atkinson reports.


  1. This is awful. Hope she recovers soon. I see a lot of dogs , especially during covid on no leash. It ‘s unnerving. No matter how well tempered you think your dog may be, animals are unpredictable. This was totally preventable and irresponsible dog ownership.

  2. I believe I know of the dogs pictured in relation to this attack of councillor Esther Pauls. A few years back I tracked down the owner of the two dogs in West Lincoln at the corner of Twenty Rd and South Grimsby Rd 18. At that time I told the owner I had just witnessed the dogs kill a cat and more cats were never seen again. I also heard from a neighbor that the dogs had killed a pet dog that lived in another home at the same intersection as the killer dogs owner.

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