Halton police investigating a false report about a murder in Milton

Halton Regional Police say they are investigating a false report about a murder in Milton.

Police say around 10:50 a.m. on Tuesday, they received a call from a male who said he had shot and killed someone at an address near Maple Ave. and Thompson Rd. N in Milton.

Chris Hadfield Public School and St. Peter Catholic Elementary School, which are near the area, were placed in a hold and secure as a precaution.

Police say the put several resources at the scene, including patrol officers and members of the Tactical Rescue Unit, K9 Unit and Criminal Investigations Bureau.

They determined the call was unsubstantiated and an incident of what is known as “swatting.”

“Swatting” is when a caller makes a false report with the goal of having numerous police and emergency resources dispatched. It is a criminal offence.

“Swatting calls involve the response of numerous police and EMS resources as well as dispatchers and communicators in our call centre who are all reserved for service to a variety of legitimate community needs,” said Halton police in a news release.

“False reports like these carry rippling impacts on our community’s safety and well-being.”

Police say they are working to identify the person responsible for the call.

Anyone with information is asked to call 905-825-4777.


  1. I am a parent of a child who attends Chris Hadfield Public School, and was in a virtual meeting with school staff just after 11am today.

    As our meeting was to begin, I heard yelling in the background and the staff disappeared from the screen. I heard the staff jump into immediate action to protect the children. I was left on the screen and could hear the mayhem.

    Understanding now what this was about, I am nothing less than proud and grateful to the school staff. It was clear to me, from the sound in their voices that they would stop at nothing to protect our children.

    We rightfully celebrate police and firemen in our community, for putting their lives on the line to save others. From this perspective, Teachers and school staff deserve the same acknowledgment, praise, and recognition.

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