Gun activity in Toronto on the rise

Ten people were shot in Toronto over the weekend in what’s quickly becoming another summer of the gun. But will this violence spread to other cities like Hamilton?

Crime specialists say it’s only a matter of time until these gangs in Toronto move west on the QEW here to Hamilton. The shootings Downtown Toronto over the weekend happened on streets with restaurants and bars. People who were going out to enjoy the holiday ended up fleeing in fear.

It’s becoming a familiar sound, shots rang out near Kensington Market last night leaving 4 people wounded on the ground. Police said as many as four possible assailants were spotted running from the scene.

The Toronto Police Association president says gang violence is on the rise.

The two deaths happened Saturday in a brazen and reckless shooting before dark in the heart of Queen St. West in a busy tourist area.

The two men killed have been identified as up and coming rappers, 28-year-old Ernest Modekwe also known as Koba Prime, and, 21-year-old Jahvante Smart or Smoke Dawg. Smoke released a new music video just last week, a lot of it shot in Niagara Falls.

The rapper toured Europe with Drake in 2017.

Police are still looking for the people responsible, who took off in a black SUV and white Bentley.

Crime specialist Ross Mclean, along with several toronto area police chiefs, say the province’s crackdown on carding has empowered gang members.

The Toronto Police Association blames a staffing shortage within the force.

Innocent people are falling victim, like the two young girls who were hit at a playground in Scarborough last month.

Just this weekend in Hamilton, near the Barton Street Jail, a man was shot and taken to hospital. Police say he was targeted, and while the heavily armed officers searched the area for the shooter. No arrests have been made.

The crime specialist we spoke to says the police forces in the area are working closer together than ever to come up with ways to tackle the problem but the issue may also fall on the justice system itself. Mclean says as soon as the bad guys are caught it’s not long after that they are out on bail and back on the streets.