Grimsby truck stop moves on for housing

Fifth Wheel, Grimsby, September 17, 2015

A piece of Grimsby history has been sold for waterfront development.

The Fifth Wheel truck stop has been around for 27 years. While some people are sad to see it go, others are welcoming a change of scenery.

Truckers have been stopping at the Fifth Wheel to grab a bite to eat and catch some Z’s. “There’s not a whole lot of truck stops in the area so it’s kinda sad to see it go.”

Locals say it will be an end of an era. “The waterfront should be left alone anyways, and I personally am going to miss the Fifth Wheel.”

While some drivers and locals are sad to see the long-time truck stop go, Grimsby mayor Bob Bentley says development of the waterfront is inevitable. “We have zoned that area when we went through our official plan review in 2009 as a mixed use so we are hoping that either office buildings, some commercial-type activity will be part of the development.”

The waterfront development project has been in the works for years. Losani Homes has purchased the land and plans to develop it with residential living and commercial properties. Fred Losani says “anything that is on the waterfront particularly has a draw and attraction to it. And I think the vision that the municipality saw is what attracted us to it.”

Bentley says Grimsby won’t lose its small town feel. “There’s things unique about Grimsby that if people move here, they know what they are getting. We are not going to change the town, we are trying to accomodate both.”

The development project also includes lots of green space and beach access. “It would be really nice to be able to walk for a bit of a ways down there like the development in Burlington.”

The Fifth Wheel truck stop restaurant and gas bar will close its doors at 3 pm on Monday.