Grad gets a grant

Kickstarter, the world’s largest funding program for creative products is launching for the first time in Canada. And a local inventor is going to be a part of all. Mia Gordon spoke with Matthew Sheridan to find out all about his “colourful” invention.

Jennifer Kuwabara is an interior designer. And says sometimes finding the perfect colour can be a challenge:

“Normally we take these big paint kits with us. I have 100 paint colours and the client says I love this fabric, I really want to match this. I think it would be great to have something to make life easier where you wouldn’t have to grab this huge bag and lug it around and be able to give the client what they are asking for.”

Luckily for Jennifer, local McMaster grad Matthew Sheridan has created just that:

“I originally came up with this idea working with my mom. She’s an interior designer. She was lugging around a big bag of paint decks and I thought there was a better way and we could change the paint deck system and make it digital.”

That’s what the Nix colour sensor does. A hardware device that allows you to scan everyday objects. Match the color and have it sent to your PC or smartphone. It then tells you the nearest store that carries that colour.

Trying to find the perfect paint color or makeup to match your skin tone all you have to do is take the Nix, touch it to any object and right away the colour will show up on your smartphone.”

It’s color sensor eliminates factors that can alter the color, like lighting. And for Matthew, the exiting part is that the possibilities are endless.

Someone was saying you could scan your own skin to make custom plastics for amputees It’s so open and people can come up with their own ideas.

As for Jennifer, she can’t wait to give this product a try:

“I think whoever is bringing this product out should stop by the office and bring us a sample.”

Nix colour sensor launches with kickstarter on Monday. And you can purchase the product at The cost of the product is set at $199. And it will be hitting the market in February.


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