Goodbye Maria

Maria Hayes is joining us one last time tonight before she moves on to another opportunity. Maria you’ve been here a few years — so we’ve put together a little something looking back at your CHCH career.

Maria Hayes: “It was a much ‘younger’ version of myself that started at CHCH 2 and a half decades ago. I had 4 years of broadcasting experience, and felt way out of my depth coming into a newsroom where I was clearly the junior. But my senior colleagues sized up my skills and gave me opportunities — guiding me through stories I had never tackled. Letting me evolve into a producer, and making room on the anchor desk.

The weekend news was a large part of my life. And so were the people who helped me take it from ideas on paper to a 30-minute program each night. There is a large crew the viewer never sees. They are professional, dependable, creative characters with a sometimes twisted sense of humour. And most importantly they are my friends.

My career took a turn a few years back, bringing me here to the health segment. The rewards of this position were unexpected. I’ve been able to sit down and talk with people who openly share their personal tales of life changing illness. And at the same time demonstrate the power of resilience. I’m grateful you allowed me the opportunity to tell your stories.

When you spend 25 years in television, you literally grow up in front of viewers. And I’m so fortunate that you’ve always been kind, whether commenting on my work — or maybe the length of my hair.

And with my laugh lines starting to look a little more pronounced, I’ve decided it’s time to move on. So to my colleagues – those current and those from the past – thank you for bringing me this far. To you viewers, thank you for letting me be a part of your daily television ritual. And for one last time — to those still wondering — I’m married to Scot. Matt is my brother. And both guys are still here.


  1. Hello and congratulations!

    Your Dad, Chuck, was one of the first people I met when I began my 13 year stint in commercial AM broadcast maintenance at, then, CHIQ.
    I lit Chuck in many musicals with HTI as well as several dramas with The Players’ Guild. A couple of us spoke with your Dad for an hour a couple of years back when he knocked on the rear door of the Guild one weekday around lunch hour. Amongst many things, we spoke of older times with folks like Baden Langton when he was reading news with whatever 1280’s call letters were at the time in their Jackson Square era; we went from CHIQ to CHAM to CJJD and back to CHAM again.
    I don’t believe we’ve ever met but I’ve spoke with your brother a couple of times at funeral visitations, one was Madge Baskin’s.
    All the best Maria!

    Ron Hebbard

  2. Maria I am so sorry to see you leave CHCH. With you, Matt and Scott working together there it really does feel like family. I wish you all the best in whatever you do in your future. You will be sorely missed. I will for sure miss your smile. Take care of yourself.

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