Glen Abbey Future

People living in Oakville are protesting plans to tear down and re-develop Glen Abbey golf course. The entire property was given heritage designation a few weeks ago, but Clublink, the property’s owner has applied for a demolition permit anyway.

Clublink says the designation is far too reaching, saying it includes “each tree, hazard, fairway, and green.” Clublink’s Senior Vice President Robert Visentin said today “if the Ontario Heritage Act was meant to work this way, Maple Leaf Garden’s would not be a Loblaws today.”

Clublink isn’t going to fight the heritage designation, but they did apply for a demolition permit for the property. The Raydor estate house and the stables will stay.

“It strikes me as an unusual way to argue from their part, if they were trying to arouse opposition from the public, they’ve succeeded, A+  if that’s what they wanted to do.” Rob Burton, Mayor of Oakville.

Tonight Oakville town council will be discussing Clublink’s rezoning application. Updates to follow.


  1. as usual, greed over common sense; Glen Abbey should always stay a green space and there’s no way that area can handle the housing infrastructure they’re proposing

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