Glanbrook residents concerned about dangerous road

Glanbrook residents are raising concerns about a dangerous part of Regional Road 56. The City of Hamilton reconstructed the road, but as a result there’s no shoulder beside it. Instead, there’s a drop off that’s about two feet high. As Cindy Csordas reports, people are afraid that one wrong move could result in a serious car crash.

Glanbrook residents are worried. They say the City of Hamilton created a deadly trap when reconstructed an ‘S’ shaped stretch of Regional Road 56 .

Steve Kunzli lives on Regional Road 56. “I’m afraid that someone’s going to roll over. I’ve got a 17 and 19 year old driving and I told them ‘you better be careful coming through there’. I’m concerned for everybody” He says the city should have put up cement barriers while it adds sewer lines to Binbrook. He’s not alone. Scott Moodie has lived near the s-bend for 47 years. He says maneuvering his trailer was tricky so close to a drop off. The bend had a reputation even before construction. “The s bend is the death bend that’s what we call it. People have died, I’ve seen so many accidents there in my life.”

Hamilton Public Works project manager Marco Oddi didn’t have an issue with the drop-off, but after complaints were made he says he’ll look at building up a granuler shoulder or pave one about a half a metre wide .


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