Get Set, Go on an outdoor adventure

The warmer weather is on its way, which means summer vacation and more time outdoors are top of mind! Travel expert and Globetrotting Mama, Heather Greenwood Davis, shared two trips that she has been on, where she enjoyed the great outdoors.

Her first trip was an African Safari with CroisiEurope. The 10-day trip took her through four African countries on and and sea. The highlights for her included the safari, seeing Victoria Falls and learning about the land from the residents of the local village they visited.

Her second trip was to Mountain Trek Lodge, which is an experience for people who want to focus on health and mindset. On this one week retreat Heather spent 3-4 hours a day hiking through the forests of British Columbia, near Nelson. There is a catch to this trip though. While there you can’t have coffee, alcohol, tobacco or sugar.

If you are someone who wants to venture into outdoor travel, but don’t want to spend money on the equipment for something you may not like, try Gear Sharing. Heather recently found out about this while in Millinocket Maine. She found a gear library where you can borrow bikes, skis, backpacks and more.

So Get Set, Go outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather and see and try something new.