Gas War Continues

The pumps are still packed with cars in St. Catharines, with the gas war continuing into another day.

The gas war may look great to the people, but it seems to be a struggle for the stations themselves.

It’s been a week-long battle between Pioneer and Esso on Ontario Street.

Last week the price changed 12 times in one day, and it’s resulted in giant lines, people lining up to fill their tanks, and they’re coming in from all over

Both stations are directing cars. Esso even blocked off their main entrance. But the battle strategies are different. Esso is turning down jerry-cans.

Across the street, private station Shell is trying to keep up selling gas at what they bought it for.

As for when this war will end, no one seems to know.

Gas experts say this could be damaging in the long-run for the stations but for now it seems the crowds will keep coming in to get Ontario’s cheapest gas for as long as it is available.


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