Gas price war

An on again, off again gas price war has reignited and has drivers rushing to gas stations in St.Catharines. Gas prices hovered under 73 cents a litre.

According to the watchdog website, St.Catharines had the lowest price of gas in Ontario, well below the provincial average of 90.26 cents a litre.

Some drivers say they saved as much as $20 by filling up in St.Catharines. But according to gas expert Dan McTeague, gas stations are losing money by lowering their prices. Companies are buying gas at the whole sale price of 48.6 cents, they pay 10 cents in federal taxes, another 14.7 in provincial taxes and on top of that they are charged HST for a grand total of 82.8 cents.

Mctague says companies like Esso are backed by huge companies and can afford to run losses in order to gain market share. Leaving drivers to come out the winners.