Fruit Juice Food Guide

A popular drink, often seen as a healthy drink, could be taken out of Health Canada’s Food Guide.

Dietitian, Jodi Robinson, says many people misunderstand the role fruit juice in the diet and how much of it to drink in a day.

A fruit juice serving is only half a cup, and Robinson recommends only one serving a day at maximum, but it is not a requirement.

She suggests eating a whole fruit instead. When a fruit is juiced, most of the fibre is lost which is needed to regulate sugar. Juice also contains a lot of sugar, even if drinking fresh squeezed.

The human body does not differentiate between fructose, the sugar in fruit, and other more processed sugars such as soft drinks.

But juice is not all bad; it can be a quick source of calories for very active people. If juice is the chosen beverage, chose 100% fruit juice to maximize your nutrient intake.