Sunday, May 19, 2024

Francis Scott Key Bridge cleanup continues in Baltimore

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After a search team recovered two bodies in the Baltimore Harbour, crews will resume cleanup efforts of the Francis Scott Key Bridge wreckage.  

Maryland officials say cranes are being brought in to clear more than four thousand tons of debris from the bridge.

Crews will need to clear the area so they can restart the search for the other four construction workers who are still missing.

Maryland officials say the debris and water conditions have prevented divers from entering the river. They say once conditions change, they will resume efforts to retrieve the other four who are presumed to be dead. 

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This week, divers recovered the bodies of two men from a pickup truck. At the time of the ship’s collision with the bridge, all workers were repairing potholes on the bridge early Tuesday and all victims were from Mexico and Central America.

Maryland governor Wes Moore says the largest crane in the eastern seaboard is being brought in to help speed up the search and clearing of the cargo channel.

“To go out there and to see it up close you realize just how daunting a task this is. You realize how difficult the work is ahead of us. With a salvage operation, this complex and frankly, with a salvage operation this unprecedented, you need to plan for every single moment and every time you take action to move a piece of wreckage, you understand that that requires you to reassess the situation,” said Governor Wes Moore.

Moore says he can’t give a timeline on when the entire recovery effort will be completed.

U.S. President Joe Biden informed the press today that he plans to be in Baltimore next week.

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