Former Hamilton mortgage broker charged with multiple counts of sexual assault and one count of fraud

Warning: some of the details in this report are graphic and disturbing.

It was an emotional day in court as more witnesses testified against former Hamilton mortgage broker Dinesh Khanna.

Khanna has been charged with 6 counts of sexual assault and one count of fraud.

Besides being a mortgage broker, 63 year old Dinesh Khanna was also a landlord. He rented out one of his homes to a couple with bad credit for about three years. Today, the woman who was his tenant testified at John Sopinka Courthouse and said Khanna sexually assaulted her on two occasions.

The witness told the court today that Khanna occasionally visited the property. She said one time he asked her if she had performed oral sex on her husband the night before. She said over the years Khanna had touched her buttocks, her breasts and asked her to go on a trip with him to Jamaica without her husband knowing.

Rosen said repeatedly that the witness must have known his client was just joking.

Another woman took the stand against Khanna today too, this witness alleges Khanna entangled her and her mother in mortgage problems, and that when she went to talk to him about the issues, she said he sexually assaulted her in the back room of his office building that has since been shut down.

The witness says Khanna came into the back room with his hand on his genitals. She says he pushed her onto a couch, she managed to get away and says she locked herself in the bathroom.

Crying in the bathroom, the witness said she noticed semen on her. She cleaned herself off with a paper towel and put it in her pocket. She ended up handing it over to Hamilton Police.

The Crown Attorney asked her why she kept the paper “I didn’t think anyone would believe me” she said through tears.

The defence went into a lengthy breakdown of that witness’ financial history, and said she must have known the details of the financial deals she was making with Khanna. The trial resumes on Monday.


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