A first day of school in Hamilton

In a story that shows us how education is changing as technology advances, students returning to classrooms in the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board were given a new high tech tool aimed at improving their learning.

Mia Gordon has the details behind a very interesting pilot project.

This year all their high schools and elementary students will have iPads to learn with. And according to both teachers and students I talked with at the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Stoney Creek, the devices are going to make learning a lot more enjoyable.

You can play the piano, draw, and even take a test all on your iPad.

Student Gabriel Williamson said: “We can do some quizzes online and it gets graded right away and you can do lots of research on Google so it helps with projects.”

Sophia Sebben chimed in: “It will help you when you grow up because the future will be a lot more technical.”

Each of the 48 elementary schools in Hamilton’s Catholic system will get 10 iPads. A project that costs around $250,000. But according to teachers, the iPads will improve learning.

Teacher Lisa Kosic said: “Maybe that student is struggling at math they may have an opportunity to do a fun little activity go into one of the math Aps and work on adding and subtracting.”

This project also allows students that may not be able to afford an iPad to have the opportunity to use one.

Kosic went on to say: “This does give all students all walks of life it doesnt matter who you are or where you come from the opportunity to experience this.”

Not only can the students practice their math and writing skills with different Aps, but new this year they can actually take online quizzes that will get graded right away. They just told me that using the iPad makes learning more fun.

“It makes learning really fun.” said Williamson. “You get to use technology and videos and stuff so it will be a lot more funner.”

It certainly makes the first day of school a little more colorful.

The three high schools that are also part of the board are also getting iPads. In fact, they are each getting around 20 each. Also new this year, there is WIFI throughout all of the high schools and also in certain areas of the elementary schools.