Filming ban in Dundas now lifted


People will still be hearing “light’s camera action” in Dundas. This comes a local councillor has done an “about face” when it comes to filming in the community.

Yesterday we learned there would be a ban on filming in Dundas for three years, but today the local film office is saying that’s no longer the case.

Adam Atkinson spoke today to a number of people who were very upset yesterday, in fact there was even a petition started with over 500 signatures calling for the ban to be lifted.

At noon today Arlene Vanderbeek, the councillor behind the ban, issued a statement saying there will be filming allowed in Dundas after all, just on a case by case basis.

There have been many big stars in Dundas over the years, including the late Robin Williams, but as of right now shoot locations in Dundas have a “red flag” next to their name, meaning there are issues with that location.

Though there is no longer a ban on filming in the quaint village the red flags remain.

“Its really to let the industry know we’re film friendly, but to let the film industry, we do have to put some limitations on filming in Dundas over the next couple of years. Bridges to be repaired, roads closed.” says Susan Monarch, from Tourism Hamilton.

Ward 13 counselor Arlene Vanderbeek would not make herself available to media the last two days, but it appears she has backtracked on her original decision. Tourism Hamilton, which oversees the film office, stood by Vanderbeeks actions.

“If it’s backtracking, it’s positive backtracking.” says Monarch.

Mark Voltervet is a location scout for companies looking for places to shoot locally. He says the city’s “about-face” is a joke.

“The councillor has received some flack over night and I think it’s like a poor monkey putting her finger in a dyke to control the damage.”

A bridal shop has been used regularly for shoots and Irene Stepus welcomes them.

“The crews are 30-50 people. All of them need to eat and they go to the local restaurants, the women talk about shopping. It brings business to local businesses.”

Last year there were 16 film shoots in Dundas.

As of right now we have been told that the film office will be be hesitant to approve any locations that have been used too frequently, or any that may interfere with upcoming construction projects.


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bgee says:

It seemed like a silly ban in the first place

Bob says:

Good for the local business , just the disruption has to be managed.