Experts say bullying is getting worse in schools

Experts say bullying is getting worse in schools, but parents have to be more vocal if they want to keep their kids safe.

Organizing a biker rally outside of your childs school is one way to bring attention to bullying, but a retired school superintendent says there’s a better way.

“Parents need to know that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. They need to let the school know and need to keep letting them know until something is done. If the principal is not helping you, then go to the school superintendent.”

If that doesn’t work Greg Anderson says go further and contact the director of education, or local school trustee.

The principal of Annunciation of Our Lord Catholic Elementary called Becca Beattie’s parents yesterday, and this morning, but hasn’t been able to reach them.

The story aired on Tuesday and was shared nearly 1400 times on social media, and 167 parents commented on the story.

One parent said “my girls go to this school. My daughter was bullied for three years.”

Another added “I have a daughter in the same school who has been called names and comes home very upset.”

But it wasn’t all bad. One parent defended the school saying “the teachers and principal went above and beyond to help her two children with learning disabilities.”

Psychologist Oren Amitay says anti-bullying programs, like “Pink Shirt Day” don’t work.

“They usually don’t. There are two types of bullies. There’s the actual bully who the programs aren’t going to work with, and then there’s the kids jumping on the bandwagon.”

Dr. Amitay says the best way to stop bullying, is to get parents involved.

“Any anti bullying program that doesn’t include parents isn’t going to work, because kids are mostly a product of their environment.”

He says the best way to stop bullying is to have the bully sit down face to face with the person they’re hurting and really explain the pain and damage they are doing to their victim.


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