Exclusive // Only 78

Only 78

Only 78 is the feature film debut of director Jawad Mir. The Toronto based filmmaker headed to the small town of Gabarus, Nova Scotia when he heard about their conflict with the Canadian and provincial governments over the decaying seawall that once protected their coastal town but now is in dire need of rebuilding. The only problem was the seawall now fell into multiple jurisdictions, and no level of government would take responsibility for it.

The small town of only 78 people petitioned, rallied and did everything under the sun to have their plight recognized by the government and the nation, and Jawad was there to capture their quest to protect their town. The director spoke to us about what drew him to Garabus from the conflict, the people and the place.

Only 78 will be screening at the Milton Film Festival at 2PM on January 28th. For more information on the screening and for tickets, head over to miltionfilmfest.com.