Energy critic: “How much did Oakville cost?”

A former cabinet secretary says the Liberal government knew about more costs that would add to the total bill of the scrapped Mississauga and Oakville gas plants.

Shelley Jamieson, once the head of the public service, testified there were plenty more costs involved. PC energy critic Vic Fedeli slammed the Liberals, accusing premier Kathleen Wynne of knowing about hidden documents.

“First (Jamieson) swore that cabinet knew of Project Vapour, now you and a handle of cabinet ministers stood up and said you have all the documents when this proves you knew we didn’t. Now she also swore that (wynne) knew of extra costs for the Oakville cancellation, far above the $40 million claimed. In fact, she called them buckets of costs. Premier, documents prove that you were at the cabinet meetings, when extra costs were disclosed. Premier stand up now, put an end to this charade, and tell all of Ontarians, how much did Oakville cost?

Jamieson also said everyone knew that trying to reach a deal with the developers could cost a lot of money. The Liberals have always said that it cost $40 million to cancel the Oakville plant back in 2010, but later admitted it may have cost more. The report into the Oakville plant will not be completed until June.

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