Eleven term St. Catharines MPP says goodbye

Longtime Liberal MPP Jim Bradley may have lost the election, but his supporters say his accomplishments will continue to impact Ontarians for years to come.

The year was 1977. Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister, the Star Wars franchise was born, and Jim Bradley was first elected as MPP of St. Catharines.

Today he cleans out his constituency office after losing his seat to NDP candidate Jennie Stevens.

With the Liberal Party trailing in the polls, Bradley says he was prepared for defeat. “It came as no surprise to each of us in the ridings it would be a difficult night, and in fact most of us would finish a third right across the province of Ontario.”

Following an election an out-going MPP has 10 business days to close out their office.

With over 41-years of accumulated memorabilia, that means a lot of boxes to move, and fast.

As Bradley packs up his things, he reflects on his political achievements. He’s served in the provincial cabinets of David Peterson, Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne, including 8-years as Minister of the Environment.

“We had a problem with acid rain, we actually overcame it drastic action and negotiations with the United States. We have the blue boxes that started out in a couple municipalities and went province wide.”

Bradley says he offers his advice and support to his replacement should she want it.

Ron Cuthbert, Bradley’s campaign manager, says, “One of the great things about him is his bi partisan way, I mean he works with everybody, it doesn’t matter which party, just what’s good for the province and St. Catharines.”

He also has a message for the people that elected him 11 terms in a row.

“I’m extremely grateful to the city of St. Catharines for allowing me to serve them for 41 years, it’s been a genuine privilege that very few people will have.”

As he leaves office, another Trudeau is Prime Minister, the Star Wars saga is continuing on the big screen, and Bradley is leaving as he came in: full of hope for the future.


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