EID Mubarak


More than a billion people world-wide, marked one of the most important religious occasions of the year this morning.

Today is the Muslim festival of EID. It marks the end of Ramadan, a month long period of fasting and prayer and dedication to meditation, reflection and self control.

” It’s meant to give you the strength and ability to overcome your desires as a human being, and hopefully by doing that for such a long time, you come out being a stronger person.”

One of the key aspects of Ramadan, is a daily fasting between sun-up and sun-down. No food or drink between those hours. Not even water.

” It’s meant to, yes to try to help your body also – lose some weight and detox your internal organs and come out healthier than before.” says Mohamed Hamed, President of the Muslim Association of Hamilton.

Officially, Ramadan ended at sunset last night, but this morning 30 000 Muslims began their celebration in prayer, looking forward to what comes later in the day.

“Families get together and they exchange gifts, and they have traditional foods, and they share it together.”

Which is the perfect recipe, for any important celebration.