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Egypt’s border crossing opens to let humanitarian aid into Gaza

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For the first time since the Israeli-Hamas war began, humanitarian aid is now trickling into the Gaza strip.

On Saturday, the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza was briefly opened up.

The Israeli siege for the past 15 days has taken a toll there.

CHCH News spoke with a local Hamilton man from Palestine who says much more aid is needed.

Hamdi Ashour moved to Hamilton from Gaza in 1998.

As the war rages on, he is extremely afraid for his two sisters and their families who still live there.

Ashour says they are in constant danger of being bombed and have very little food and supplies to live on.

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On Saturday, 20 Red Crescent Egyptian humanitarian trucks were allowed into Gaza for the first time in about two weeks, but Ashour says it’s not enough.

“Allowing 20 trucks after all this time being bombed is going to do nothing. It’s going to help very little people,” said Ashour.

Before this war, approximately 450 trucks a day entered Gaza, but for the past two weeks there were none allowed in. It’s estimated over a million people need aid.

$10 million in funding for humanitarian assistance has been allocated. Canada’s minister of foreign affairs has been in Egypt, taking part in the Cairo Peace Summit.

For Canadians in that area, Canada is also providing assisted departure flights from Tel Aviv to Athens with the support of Canadian armed forces aircraft.

Saturday marks two weeks since Hamas attacked Israel, killing 1,400 people and taking 200 hostages. And more than 4,000 people have now been killed in Gaza.

International leaders are warning that much more aid is needed to combat the catastrophic humanitarian situation that is unfolding. There are hopes that United Nations trucks will be allowed in as soon as Monday.

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