Dundas alleyway dispute

Dozens of frustrated Dundas residents spoke their minds in an attempt to block a local contractor, who has millions of dollars in city contracts, from buying a well-used public alleyway to use as his personal driveway.

Hamilton’s public works committee unanimously approved the sale of the public alleyway, city council will vote to ratify it next Wednesday.

Len Medeiros has lived in Dundas for decades and owns the home at the corner of Sydenham and Victoria streets along with the iconic post office downtown. For the past year he’s been trying to use the alleyway as his own private driveway. A fence was put up then dismantled and he’s paved over the gravel road.

650 people signed a petition in an attempt to block the sale. They say the 160 year old alley is a pleasant shortcut to the nearby school and brings the community together.

There are 420 unassumed alleys in Hamilton, meaning they aren’t maintained unless of an emergency. For years, the city has been trying to sell them off as long as adjacent homeowners are ok with it.


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