Doug Ford’s first 100 days

It’s been just over 100 days since Doug Ford was elected as Ontario’s Premier and he’s delivered on making significant changes, but it’s how he’s doing it that has political experts debating.

“He’s not like normal politicians and he doesn’t really care that he’s not like other politicians.” Keith Leslie, political analyst.

Since being elected with a majority government in June, the Ford government has made sweeping changes including the removal of the Liberal’s 2015 sex-ed curriculum, slashing the size of Toronto city council by nearly half and allowing private businesses to sell recreational weed once it’s legalized.

However, according to last month’s Dart Insight survey, Ford’s approval rating fell from 40% to 37%. While it’s a small dip, McMaster political science prof Henry Jacek says Ford’s unconventional style of governance could start to alienate more Ontarians.

“People are going to be angry and going to by cynical saying here’s a politician who doesn’t tell you what he wants to do, has all these surprises, has a hidden agenda and slams the people.”

While political experts aren’t exactly thrilled with Doug Ford’s first 100 days as Premier they say he does have lots of time to turn things around and they have a couple of suggestions.

“He really needs to listen to the veterans at Queen’s Park and I think the veteran members of his cabinet will tell him basically to be governing you have to appear to be reasonable, you can’t be a run around like a bull in a china shop.” Henry Jacek.

The Ford government held a rally in Etobicoke Tuesday night to commemorate the party’s first 100 days in office.


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