Donald Trump pays his first visit to the White House

Despite previously being in the same room numerous times and sharing many political jabs throughout the years, President-elect Donald Trump said that he and President Barack Obama had never met before. Well, the two finally introduced themselves in Washington D.C. as Trump took the tour of the house he’ll call home for the next four years.

Obama said that he and Trump spoke on foreign and domestic policies along with organizing the Whitehouse ahead of Trump’s January 12th inauguration.

“Regardless of party and regardless of political preferences, to now come together, work together, to deal with the many challenges that we face.” Obama.

“We discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful some difficulties, I very much look forward to dealing with the President in the future including counsel.” Trump.

Despite backing Hillary Clinton throughout her presidential campaign, Obama vowed that he and his team will help Trump put the right foot forward. Trump’s first visit to Ottawa hasn’t officially been planned yet, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters that he spoke briefly with America’s next President last night.

“I talked about how important the relationship is and has been and I look forward to continuing to work to promote Canadian interests and opportunities for all.” Trudeau.

Trudeau acknowledged Trump’s stance on renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement and said he’s open to conversation. While Trump has received invites from the U.K. and Japan for introductory visits, it’s tradition that the newly elected President visits Canada first. Whenever that is, Trump’s visit is expected to challenge the Ottawa police department. Unlike Barack Obama’s two very positive visits, Ottawa’s police chief says they’ll have to prepare for demonstrations and other activities once President-elect Trump decides to visit.