Decorating for the Holidays

Last night we showed you the brightly lit up home of Armanda Lourenco, a woman who was left physically disabled by a nearly fatal illness a few years ago. Well today Armanda showed us exactly how she managed to put up her many Christmas lights despite her limitations with the help of a walker, and a broom.

Upon meeting Armanda Lourenco you’ll notice two things immediately, she’s a talker and she’s determined.

That determination has helped her overcome a nearly deadly battle with meningitis 13 years ago.

But she was never the same again.

Despite her limitations, the 55 year old doesn’t let it slow her down. In fact she goes all out decorating her house for Christmas.

Her illumination even inspired her neighbours to decorate.

They’re the only two houses on the block lit up and they’re bright.

Armanda says she goes through all the effort decorating for the holidays, because she loves Christmas, and she loves her four grandchildren.

Armanda says she only has a few strands of lights, but she bought them all from Giant Tiger or the Dollar Store, so she didn’t spend a lot of money on decorations. She’s says it was a lot of work, but she’s proud of how it turned out.