Deadly illegal drug

Local police are warning Ontarian’s about a new illegal drug that is deadly.

While W-18 hasn’t been found on the streets here it has been reported in Calgary and police say it’s only a matter of time before it arrives in our neck of the woods.

You won’t find the drug in any pharmacies.

It is an illegal drug that is being sold on the streets as fentanyl or oxycodone pills.

It’s 100 times stronger than fentanyl patches prescribed by doctors to manage pain and can be addictive.

One tablet could be ten times more potent than another tablet which can cause a lot of risk as well for overdose.

The man made synthetic opioid is also 1000 times stronger than morphine.

These pills come as long acting medications, so they are released over a long period of time.

If you crush these pills you end up releasing all of the medication at once.  That’s where the risk of potency comes and risk of over dose.

Both Hamilton and Niagara police have seen an increase in pharmacy robberies specifically targeting fentanyl.

Halton police say there has been a consistent number of pharmacy robberies in that region.

Since January, Niagara police have responded to seven pharmacy robberies. At six of them, fentanyl patches were stolen.

70% of kids who use prescription drugs often get them for the first time from their own home. That’s why Halton police have prescription drug drop boxes where you can leave all of your unused drugs.

Only certain labs are able to test for W-18, so police say it’s difficult to determine how many people have died as a direct link using the drug.


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