Dead infants found in Winnipeg storage

Winnipeg police say they've found the remains of as many as four infants in a locker at a storage company.

A disturbing story out of Winnipeg. Police there are investigating a gruesome discovery — that they’re calling “tragic beyond belief”.

Winnipeg police say they’ve found the remains of as many as four infants in a locker at a storage company.

The bodies were discovered Monday night in a commercial area in the northwest of Winnipeg. Police say the victims appear to be very young — possibly newborns — and the remains are so badly decomposed, it’s not clear if there are three or four bodies. Employees at the storage company made the horrific discovery Monday after taking inventory of a delinquent storage locker. They immediately called police.

Constable Eric Hofley, Winnipeg Police: “Until autopsies are completed and it is found that someone has deliberately caused the deaths of one or all of these infants, that remains to be seen and it’s just too early in the investigation to say exactly what’s transpired here.”

The company says it is deeply shocked and saddened by the discovery and is fully co-operating with the investigation. Police say it’s not clear if the deaths were homicides.
Autopsies are currently being done which will determine the cause of death.



  1. This is very disturbing, but will be interested to find out if these were newborn and disposed of because they were unwanted babies. Or were they a little older and were possibly abducted by some sick person.

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