De Caire retires as Chief of Police


Hamilton police chief Glenn De Caire announced on Friday that he is retiring. It comes just weeks after he fought for and was granted a two-year extension to continue in the role.

His new job is head of security and parking at McMaster University.

“I leave the service having completed over 35 years of policing, and I’ve been able to work in two great policing organizations.”

Glenn De Caire’s announcement was a shock. Even the police board was only informed minutes before the rest of the public.

“I’ve been a big advocate of Glenn’s for as long as I’ve been on the board. And it’s no secret I carried the vote to have him stay on two years ago.” said Lloyd Ferguson.

The chief says he applied to become the new head of security and parking for McMaster University before the board offered to renew his contract.

“With my contract at the time the McMaster posting was in place, I had no commitment of our board. So I was never in a conflict of interest position. McMaster has given me an opportunity which is long term. my OPP here with Hamilton police has been limited to the contract term.”

Businessman Ron Foxcroft also lobbied for the chief to keep his job.

“It’s an outstanding place to work, McMaster University, so I would suspect the chief would say these opportunities don’t come along every day in your life.”

There’s probably less stress. There’s probably more family time.

But police board member Terry Whitehead says he doesn’t understand.

“Just a number of weeks ago we had a very lengthy discussion about the extension of his contract. The chief made it clear he had more work to do and was very insincere he’d have his contract extended. After two and a half hours of debate extending his contract he accepted the terms of the contract, so there was no hint at any time that he’d be moving on.”

De Caire wouldn’t say if he will take a pay cut in his new role, but he was making about $230 000, and the last person to be Director of parking and security at McMaster made about $100 000 less than that.

He likely also has a good pension after 35 years of policing.

He’ll appoint an acting chief before he goes, but his last day will be December 31st. He retires a couple weeks later but he’ll be on vacation.


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