Crossover Confusion

The city of Hamilton has unveiled several new crossings for pedestrians. They are called crossovers, they’re different from traditional crosswalks which have been causing some confusion.

“When a pedestrian is standing on the side of the roadway waiting to cross, the motorist must legally come to a complete stop and wait for them to complete their crossing.” Dave Ferguson, City of Hamilton.

There are 10 crossovers in various parts of the city, most are on the mountain and there are more on the way. Hamilton police say many people are confused about what to do when they approach a crossover.

“This is a traditional crosswalk, when a pedestrian approaches it if there is a green signal or walk signal they’re allowed to walk across the road and the car must wait until the pedestrian reaches the other half of the road then they can turn.” Cst. Claus Wagner.

Different from a crossover where the driver or cyclist has to wait for the person to completely clear the road. The big part of the confusion a crosswalk and a crossover look similar. Both have zebra strips but a crossover has yield arrows directing the driver or cyclist to stop.

The cost of the crossovers vary, for example the ones with the overhead and flashing lights costs about $75 000. The cost is covered through the revenue from the red light camera reserve.


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