Crime Stoppers

The founder of Crime Stoppers was in Hamilton today to address a national conference. We sat down with Greg MacAleese to find out how the program started.

From re-enacting crimes, to allowing people to remain anonymous and offering rewards.

Greg MacAleese, born in Picton Ontario, came up with the idea of Crime Stoppers in 1976 while he was a detective in Alburquerque, New Mexico.

Back in the 70’s it wasn’t easy for MacAleese to get approval from his colleagues, including his deputy chief.

Six months later, after solving dozens of cases the police force was on board and others across the United States were interested.

By 1983 Hamilton became the first community in Eastern Canada with a Crime Stoppers program.

MacAleese was here in Hamilton for the launch.

Through this initiative MacAleese says police went from putting the media at arms length to embracing them.

Nick Olchowy has directed the Crime Stoppers re-enactments each week for 20 years here at CHCH.

The videos cover Hamilton, Halton, Norfolk and Niagara.

Crime Stoppers has led to over 1 million arrests worldwide.


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