CRA scammers arrested

There is finally a break in the Canada Revenue Agency scam. The RCMP announced today that the Indian government tracked down a call centre there that was targeting Americans. The scammers were impersonating the Internal Revenue Service or IRS. Since those arrests the number of CRA scam calls in this country are also down.

In early October, Indian police arrested 70 people in Thane pretending to be from the IRS. Hundreds of other call centre employees were taken in for questioning.

Back in July CHCH spoke to a man in India who makes scam calls everyday. He said he was calling from the CRA and demanded payment via iTunes cards to pay off the supposed debt. Victims buy the cards and provide the contact with the serial number. The money is then collected by the thieves.

But these scammers also pretend to be from other government agencies.When they call Austarlia they say they are from the ATO, Australian Taxation Office. When calling New Zealand they pretend to be the Inland Revenue Agency.

While the scammers want us to believe there are call centres all over the world we have no information of intellegence that the call centres are anywhere else than india. There have been more than 19 hundred victims who have lost more than $5.5 million to the CRA scam.

The RCMP have arrested 14 people in this country who have been associated with the overseas scam and believe there are dozens if not more more hiding out in the GTA.


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