Controversy over tweet

2019 started on a controversial note for the top executive of Ontario’s Chamber of Commerce after he shared what many critics are calling a tone deaf tweet about wealth and privilege.

Rocco Rossi, the CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce decided to share his New Years Eve spread including an $80 bottle of champagne, caviar and deserts on twitter with the caption.

Rossi strongly opposed the next hike in the minimum wage rise that would have taken it to $15 dollar an hour.

Warren ‘Smokey’ Thomas, the president of Ontario’s Public Employees Union called Rossi a fat cat, and suggested that he resign.

The NDP’s finance critic, Sandy Shaw hopes the reaction to Rossi’s tweet starts a dialogue about how politics affects people.

Rossi wasn’t talking today, but he did issue an apology on twitter yesterday saying his previous post was meant to be satirical.