Controversial burger shack still open

Premier Kathleen Wynne came under fire today for allowing an unlicensed burger shack near Caledonia to continue to sell food.

Political activist Gary McHale says the Public Health Department has ordered the shack on six nations property to stop selling food, but he says the owners simply will not comply.

McHale says by allowing the shack to remain open ,the Wynne government has proven once again, that there are two sets of laws in Ontario. He argues, “Nobody can be permitted to violate all the laws of the land. Theres nobody here who honestly believes that the Wynne government would allow an illegal burger shack at Queens Park and sell food to people who walk by… Why? Because there is lots of votes in Toronto… Caledonia, who cares if someone gets sick out there, who cares that 60 officers have been hospitalized… it would never be allowed here in Toronto.”

The Medical Officer of Health for Haldimand found that the one room restaurant doesn’t have running water, a proper hand-washing station for employees, or a constant power source.


  1. Let the Natives do what they want on THEIR LAND. If members of outside communities wish to travel inside the Reserve for an unregulated and tax free meal, then it should be their choice. It’s all about the taxes and competition from the taxed regulated businesses near by that are getting choked. If you are not happy about the freedoms of reserve life the natives get then move away from the reserve. The natives had a way of life that they lived for centuries. They shouldn’t have to change to the new comers standards. I see another incident looming in the future like the Caledonia land dispute. I’m glad the Natives are standing up for their rights and freedoms. If the non native’s never ever agreed with the Natives freedoms, they never should have come!

  2. I am shocked that our Provincial government is aware that unsafe food is being peddled to an unsuspecting public and yet has failed to immediately stop it and appears to be in no hurry to do so. The shack is located in Caledonia on land owned by the Ontario Provincial government, not on Six Nations land. A few fringe natives have constructed this and the illegal smoke shack beside it because they realized they could get away with it. By its inaction our government is failing to protect our laws and instead facilitating and encouraging more of the same.

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