Contaminated water at Chedoke Creek & Cootes Paradise


The City of Hamilton is warning people not to go in the water at Chedoke Creek and Cootes Paradise because of an E. coli contamination.

Officials say they’re investigating the cause of “highly contaminated” water in the area.

“Normal levels for samples in this area are 40 to 50 colonies per 100 ml of water, we are seeing levels as high as 10,000 times that.” City of Hamilton.

The city says the issue was first brought to its attention by concerned residents about two weeks ago, but the E. coli levels only recently came back.

Crews are inspecting sewers and underground infrastructure as well as looking upstream of Chedoke Creek for potential sources of contamination.

They will also inspect the sanitary sewer and surface conditions within the Ministry of Transportation project area near Highway 403 and Cootes Paradise.

Plans are also being made to remove surface material in Chedoke Creek.

The Royal Botanical Gardens has removed the docks at Cootes Paradise.

Warning signs are being installed at public access points along Princess Point.

Officials say people who come into contact with the water should wash off promptly with warm water and soap.

Those with questions can call Public Health Services’ Safe Water Program at 905-546-2189 or email