CoMotion on King

There’s a growing trend in office spaces these days and it’s called co-working. It’s for people who are just starting their own businesses or people who don’t need a lot of overhead. It provides a shared working environment and it’s becoming more popular among professionals in Hamilton.

CoMotion on King is one of the largest co-working spaces in Southern Ontario. It is located on King Street in downtown Hamilton and hosts entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals of all kinds.

They’ve been open for 6 months now and say that things are running smoothly. They’re already three-quarters full which means they are supporting 50 businesses.

There are 21 private offices, 30 dedicated and shared desks, 1 meeting room, an event space, a kitchen, a lounge, and even a rooftop patio.

Demand for the service is such that CoMotion is announcing tonight that it’s merging with another co-working group: Platform 302. That will more than double their business.

Visit their website for more details


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