Commuting with Council

A well-known father and son duo, who advocate for cycling safety in Hamilton, held a ride-along with mayor Eisenberger this morning. It’s all part of a movement called “commuting with council”, aimed at generating awareness of some of the dangers cyclists face every day.


  1. While the motorist was wrong the cyclists were also at fault in that they were not riding single file. It seems that the city is trying to bring traffic to a crawl. Streets have been reduced to one lane from 2 and speeds reduced to 40 with speeds bumps installed to further reduce speed to 30 or less.
    Mohawk road has reductions to 40 even though schools may be located 3 or 4 blocks away and there does not seem to be any logic used as to when speeds are being reduced.
    Even around schools there are speeds which although 40 in front of the school change to 50 within 200 meters.
    Cyclists also are at fault in that they will use the sidewalk when there are bike lanes, e.g. on West 5th. When will the city start enforcing rules for cyclists? I have been on the road with my bike for over 50 years and have never had a problem as long as the rules are followed. You cannot have a set of rules for motorized vehicles and a different set for bikes.

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